2-Step Exercise for Gaining Clarity on HOW You Want Your Life To Be Different.

Kim Peterson

2-Step Exercise for Gaining Clarity on HOW You Want Your Life To Be Different.

Why settle for good when you CAN create an AMAZING life? While this sounds great to most of us, some of us are not clear about where to start.

In my own search for the answers to this question, I’ve been studying some of the most brilliant and inspiring personal growth experts. A common recommendation is that the first step toward creating an AMAZING life is to first identify the top 4-5 key areas where you are least satisfied in your life and why.

Below is a 2-step exercise that I’ve found helpful in FOCUSING my own efforts to create an AMAZING life!


Using a scale of 1-7 - with 1=absolutely dissatisfied, not thriving, maybe even suffering; 4=neutral, neither dissatisfied nor satisfied; and 7=fully satisfied - rate your level of satisfaction with each of the following 15 life areas:  

  1. Appearance
  2. Cooking
  3. Diet and nutrition
  4. Exercise and fitness
  5. Family
  6. Finances
  7. Friends and Community
  8. Fun and play
  9. Hobbies and creativity
  10. Home and environment
  11. Parenting
  12. Personal development and growth
  13. Primary relationship (spouse, partner, most intimate relationship)
  14. Spirituality
  15. Work/Career



For the 4-5 areas with the lowest satisfaction scores, write (or think about) 2-3 key reasons why. Be specific. For example, for work/career, what component causes you the most stress? Your supervisor? Colleagues? Schedule? Commute? Not enough variety? Or you just no longer like the work as a whole? You might be surprised by what you find when instead of analyzing a life area in a global manner – “I don’t like my job” - you break down your dissatisfaction into specific components! Maybe you will find that you actually still DO like your job as a whole, but it is the commute that is really getting you down because it leaves you with less time with your family. This gives you something to really work with to better define what you really want and develop a plan on how to get there!  

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