This is How Women Show Up For Each Other

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Every woman deserves to feel seen, heard, supported, appreciated and loved.


Life is a constant juggling act. There never seems to be enough time to do all of the things – run a household, work, school, eat healthy, exercise, raise a family, date-night, self-care, and on and on. No matter what life looks like for each of us - we all have times where we struggle to keep all the balls in the air and to feel good about ourselves. Everyone could use a little cheering on from time to time.  

How we show up for each other matters.

Showing up for each other is taking a moment out of the blue to tell someone here’s what I see in you and what I appreciate in you. No matter who they are, it’ll make their day and they’ll never forget it.

Tell someone they are doing a good job at life. 

Showing up for each other is telling someone that they are beautiful inside and out. It’ll put wind in their sails and make you feel good too.

Tell someone they sparkle and light up the room.

Showing up for each other is telling someone that you’re proud of them for the person they are. Why not? They deserve it. It’ll put a pep back in their step and in yours too.

Tell someone that they inspire you to be a better person. 

Showing up for each other is telling someone that they are worthy, you care about them, and you are grateful they are here. It’ll help them feel connected and valued and could literally save their life.

Simply tell someone they are amazing.

Showing up for each other only takes a minute. You never know what helping someone feel seen will do for them. Do it today while you still have the chance. Expect nothing in return. We are all amazing. Pass it on.

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