The #YouAreAmazingMovement

The She Bloomz #youareamazingmovement social movement and greeting card collection. 

The she bloomz #youareamazingmovement greeting card collection helps women #connectgivegrow by celebrating each other and the everyday moments of life. Who wouldn’t love a surprise boost of positivity by mail?!? Be the woman who makes someone’s day just because. It’ll strengthen your connection and you’ll feel good too.

The best part is that she bloomz is donating our first $1000 to a she bloomz passion project start-up grant that you can help us choose! 

For just 5 minutes and the price of a coffee, you can join us in starting a ripple effect of caring, connecting, and giving. We are all amazing. Pass it on. 

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It’s the little things

Nowadays technology is “connecting” more people than ever before. So, why is HUMAN CONNECTION – maintaining real, meaningful relationships – still one our TOP struggles? We all know how to show appreciation for our tribe on their bigger occasions (e.g., birthdays, holidays, weddings, divorces, coming out, losses, accomplishments, etc.). But, there’s a gap out there on simple tangible ways to show appreciation just because.

Tears and birth of the #youareamazingmovement

In the last 5 years, I can count on one hand the number of times someone sent me an actual handwritten card out of the blue with an authentic and meaningful message. The most recent occasion came just at the right time and moved me to tears with its simplicity – Kim, you are amazing it said. Someone thought I was amazing just for being me and it made me FEEL AMAZING. This simple and kind act really gave me perspective on who and what is important to me. This was where the #youareamazingmovement started. I felt a calling to help other people feel amazing, strengthen their relationships, all with a little giving thrown in on the side. 

Throw backs, ripple effects, and a side of giving. 

There are so many quick and simple ways to reach out to others, such as “liking” a friend’s social media posting or sending a text messages. But, there is still something VERY POWERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL about receiving a personal handwritten card. Yes, sending handwritten cards is a throw back, vintage, old-fashioned and more time-consuming than a text. BUT, THAT’S THE POINT. By going out of your way to reach out in appreciation with a handwritten note, you are communicating a clear message that YOUR RELATIONSHIP MATTERS TO YOU. Receiving your handwritten compliment will be the best part of someone’s day! And your words on paper can become someone’s lifelong keepsake. By joining She Bloomz #youareamazingmovement and sending ‘you are amazing’ cards out to your tribe you will HELP YOURSELF, HELP OTHERS, AND STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS.

Together we can start a ripple effect of kindness, connection and giving. The world needs this now more than ever. And you need this. It’s so simple.